Outdoor Private Lessons

In person physically-distanced outdoor private lessons now available! Book a lesson for yourself or a small group & I will come to you! (Winnipeg & surrounding area)

Participants are to use their own mat or other equipment they have and I will bring pieces as needed. We will set up in your yard or a nearby park & do a lesson together focusing on whatever you request. Individualized training to suit you & help you achieve your goals!

Offering classes in this way provides students access to in-person quality, trusted, accredited instruction in a safe way. In addition, students and parents are able to control who their sessions are with, whether it is one on one with me or with close friends or relatives you feel comfortable sharing a lesson with. Rates are based upon the number of participants in a lesson and are available by request. Please only book for as many students as you can comfortably accommodate properly distanced (2 metres apart) in your outdoor space.

How we’re going to make this work safely:

  • Lessons will only be available if public health order permit. We will also follow any current provinicial guidelines regarding mask wearing.
  • Hands on spotting will be limited and can be avoided completely if desired.
  • Myself and students are to sanitize hands before each lesson.
  • I will sanitize any equipment I provide before and after use.
  • In small group classes student will set up their mats appropriately distanced from on another and will not share equipment. If sharing equipment is required I will disinfect items between uses.


The equipment needed depends on what you are focusing on in your lesson. For all lessons I recommend a water bottle, sunscreen/hat/sunglasses as needed, and outdoor running shoes for warming up. I can supply some equipment as needed. Please let me know what you already have when booking so I can plan accordingly.

For flexibility or balance focused lessons you will need:

  • Mat (yoga mat or panel mat are best, a large towel can also work)
  • Chair
  • 2 yoga blocks
  • Theraband or piece of rope (at least 1 metre long)

For tumbling focused lessons you will need:

  • Minimum 1 panel mat per participant (I also recommend placing a tarp or towel under the mat to protect the underside from damage and dirt). I can supply a panel mat and tarp if needed.
  • Bonus if you have an AirTrack or trampoline. These items are fun and we can put them to good use but they are not required.

If you are interested in booking a lesson please contact me and include your address, postal code, and preferred days/times for a lesson. Please also include what you are wanting to focus on in your lesson(s) and what equipment you already have so I can plan accordingly.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask!