Bend Academy offers programs for ages 2 and up for everyone from absolute beginners to highly skilled students. If you have any questions about classes or need help finding the right class for you please email

Please note classes on this page are for the full season (September-June). There are shorter session-based classes offered throughout the year in 8-12 week terms. Please see the DROP INS & SESSIONS page for details session-based classes.

Full Season (Sept 2023-June 2024) Registration is Open!

The Registration Guide can help answer almost all questions you may have about registering at Bend Academy. There are class descriptions, pricing, explanations and details about everything you need to know when signing up for a class. Be sure to give it a read! If you still have questions after reading it please email

To register:

Step 1: Take a look at our Schedule and Registration Guide and decide which class(es) you’re interested in.

Step 2: Click the Login/Register button to create your online account and follow the prompts to register.

Step 3: Payment of your student’s yearly registration/insurance fee of $35 is due upon enrolment. For full season classes parents can place a credit card on their online account for automated monthly payments or make payment for the full year upfront by e-transfer to

The REGISTRATION GUIDE is an excellent resource if you have questions about our programs!

Our schedule for the 2023-2024 season offers both Regular Program and Performance Team classes.

Regular Program classes are recreational and ideal for those who want to dance for fun, learn and develop new skills, and make friends! Students can dance in a single class or multiple classes and take whatever classes interest them and work for their schedules.

Performance Team is a more intensive option for students who want to train more seriously and have opportunities to perform and compete. Performance opportunities can vary from sporting events to schools, old folks homes, and beyond. We also compete locally 1-2 times and do one travel competition per season. We strive to have our Performance Team maintain a healthy balance between performing, training, and competing without the focusing becoming solely on competition.

Classes marked *No recital are just for training & will not participate in the year end recital. This is a great option for students who want to train just to improve their technique and have fun without having to purchase a costume & learn a routine for the year end recital. New students can join these classes mid-season if there is space available. 

Class TypePerform in year end recitalRecital Costume Fee Can be joined mid-season (space permitting)An awesome & fun learning experience
Regular ProgramYESYES ($50-$85 per class)SOMETIMES – only if early enough in the season for a costume to be ordered in time for recital.YES
Performance TeamYESYES ($50-$100 per routine)NOYES
Session NONO8-12 week sessions can be joined after the start date if there is space permitting.YES

Age Divisions

Suggested ages are listed on the schedule with the different class types. For most classes please register based off of your child’s age. For acro classes please see the prerequisite skills listed in the Registration Guide under Acro and choose the most appropriate level of class for your student.

2-3 years oldParent & Tot
3-4 years oldCreative Movement
4-5 years oldKinder (Acro, Ballet/Tap)
6-8 years oldLevel 1 (Acro, Aerial, Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap)
9-12 years oldLevel 2 (Acro, Aerial, Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap)
10-14 years oldLevel 3 (Acro, Aerial, Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary/Lyrical)
12 years & upLevel 4 (Acro, Aerial, Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary/Lyrical)
13-adultTeen/Adult (various styles available throughout the season mostly as session-based classes)

Payment Options

For pricing information please visit the Dates & Pricing page or see the Registration Guide. For full season students payment is available two ways.

  1. Automated monthly payments by credit card on the 1st of each month.
  2. Payment in full by e-transfer, cash, or cheque prior to the start of the season.

Class Styles

Below is a quick overview of the different dance styles & classes we offer. For a more in-depth, detailed description, including dress code for each class please refer to our Registration Guide.


For our tiniest dancers ages 2-3, an introduction to movement, music, and the beginnings of following the structure of a class.


Creative Movement has preschool-aged students learning basic dance skills and movements while improving coordination, physical literacy, and listening skills in an imaginative and fun atmosphere!


A style that combines dance and acrobatic elements. Areas of focus include flexibility, strength, balancing, tumbling, limbering, and partnering.

Bend Academy is a proudly Acrobatic Arts certified studio.

*Acro classes are done 100% on the ground and are different from aerial classes that take place on apparatuses like silks & hoop. For kids 12 & under, acro is a prerequisite for aerial training.


Aerial hoop, also known as lyra or cerceau, is an aerial art in which students learn beautiful sequences and shapes on a large metal hoop suspended in the air.

Bend Academy is a proudly Aerial Arts certified studio.

*For kids 12 & under, acro is a prerequisite for aerial training.


Aerial silks is a form of aerial arts where performers climb, spin, twist, and display sequences, poses, and drops on fabric sheets that hang from the ceiling.

Bend Academy is a proudly Aerial Arts certified studio.

*For kids 12 & under, acro is a prerequisite for aerial training.


A classical dance form teaching grace, poise, and precision and employing formalized steps and gestures set in intricate, flowing patterns to create expression through movement.


A dynamic and energetic style of dance. Learn kicks, jumps, turns, and combinations with grace, power, and performance.


A ever evolving, high-energy style of dance that emerged from street styles. Commonly seen in music videos and a favourite of those who love to groove.


A style based on intricate footwork that uses metal taps on the soles of the shoes to make rhythms and sounds.


A style of dance that expresses the meaning or feeling of a song or feeling of the music using a combination of jazz and ballet dance techniques. 


A style that combines elements of various dance styles, notably of modern dance, and focuses on the contract and release of the body, unpredictable changes in rhythm, speed, and direction.