At Home Training Resources

Here’s a collection of some at home training resources! I’m curating this collection as we all work through COVID-19 interrupting our regular practice schedules. If you have content to recommend please feel free to share it with me and I will add it here. I find it helpful to have all of these awesome resources in one place. All of these resources are free or currently offering free services over the next little while.

This content is geared towards acrobats, dancers, gymnasts, yogis, artistic swimmers, figure skaters, or others wanting to work on flexibility, strength, dance, or other like things from home. I teach students of all ages and ability levels so there’s a range of content here. I hope this helps you in your home practicing!

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Acrobatic Arts – a catalogue of TONS of fantastic Acro tutorials

CLI Studios – online dance classes (various styles)

Operation Tap – online tap dance classes

Dancio – online ballet, contemporary, & modern classes

BalletNova Center for Dance – Facebook live streamed ballet classes (with options for kids)

Modo Yoga – online yoga classes

Trifecta Pilates – pilates workouts on Youtube for all levels

GymKyds Gymnastics Centre – gymnastics & movement activities for children


Let’s start with my own! Here’s are two videos I’ve made, the first is a follow along intermediate level flexibility video and the second is a basic home foot stretching routine!

Here is a great, kid-friendly, beginner level Acro dance home class. This was created and shared by DanceWorks Movement Design. They are part of the awesome Acrobatic Arts community of teachers sharing content at this time.

Cirque du Soleil has an incredible catalogue of fitness videos on their YouTube page. For the link to all the videos click here. Here is one of my personal favourites! (it’s a killer!)


Give these cards a try at home! Feel free to make substitutions/modifications as needed.