Bend With Mel summer classes are back for a fourth year! Get ready to stretch, strengthen, balance, & tumble this summer! This July I will be hosting a 4 week Acro intensive geared towards experienced Acro students. I prioritize safety, strong technique, and developing well-rounded, well-trained acrobats. We will work hard, have fun, and make some good memories!

Covid-19 had me worried I would not be able to offer classes this summer, but things are looking positive in Manitoba and I feel I can safely offer classes. Here are the precautions I am taking to run classes safely. Long list but IMPORTANT INFO, please read thoroughly!

  • Classes limited to 12 participants
  • Parents/students are to self-screen before each class using the questionnaire found HERE. If you must answer “yes” to any questions do not come to class.
  • Hand washing or sanitizing is required before starting class for all students and myself.
  • Students are asked to wear a pair of clean socks for class.
  • Students will spend the majority of the class in their own space (physically distanced from their classmates 2m each direction). We will do some work in circuits where students rotate and work in stations one at a time. This will require some sharing of equipment in turns.
  • No partnering skills will be worked on.
  • I will only spot students as needed (very minimally) and will always ask students if they are okay with hands-on spotting before helping them. Guardians can request no spotting for their student.
  • Parents are asked to only enter the facility only if necessary, please drop off and let the students enter on their own.
  • I would prefer parents do not stay for the duration of class to avoid crowding in the building. If a student needs their parent to stay it is okay as long as parent viewing numbers are kept to a minimum.
  • At the end of the class I will escort the students outside to be picked up. We will exit by the side door of the building facing the parking lot.
  • All payments are to be done by e-transfer in advance of the first class.
  • All students are to bring their own water bottle as there will be no water fountain access.

If classes do not sell out I will offer the empty spaces for students wanting to do a drop in class. To request a drop-in please contact me by email (melanie_282@hotmail.com) and let me know which day and class you are interested in attending.



TimeClassSession fee
5:15-6:45Intermediate Acro (Ages 8+) $100
7:00-9:00Advanced Acro (Ages 12+) FULL*$125

*If you register for a full class you will automatically be placed on a waiting list.


TimeClassSession fee
5:15-6:45Intermediate Acro (Ages 8+)$100
7:00-9:00Advanced Acro (Ages 12+)$125


Intermediate Acro

  • Mondays or Tuesdays 5:15-6:45 PM (pick one)
  • Location: GymKyds Gymnastics Centre (421 Beaverhill Blvd)
  • Recommended for ages 8+. All ages welcome as long as pre-requisite skills are met.

In this class participants will build on fundamentals of Acro dance. Focus is placed on acquisition of basic tumbling, limbering, and balancing skills starting to move towards more advanced work, as well as improving strength & increasing flexibility. Skills taught in this class will assure participants a solid base to work off of as they progress to more advanced acrobatic work. Come to this class ready to build a strong technical skills & good habits!

Pre-requisite skills:

  • Handstand against wall 30 sec
  • 15 regular push-ups in a row
  • 15 v-snaps
  • Middle and square right and left splits within 6 inches of the ground
  • Comfortable with headstands, chest stands, and forearm stands
  • Bridge & recover
  • Front & back walkover on at least one side
  • 1 hand cartwheel on both side with either hand
  • Dive cartwheel
  • Round-off


Advanced Acro

  • Mondays or Tuesdays 7:00-9:00pm (pick one)
  • Location: GymKyds Gymnastics Centre (421 Beaverhill Blvd)
  • Recommended for ages 12+. All ages welcome as long as pre-requisite skills are met.

This class is best suited for seasoned Acro dancers with more advanced Acro capabilities. This class works to build strong technique, strength, power, & confidence in acrobatic tumbling while also refining limbering, balancing and flexibility skills. Come to this class ready to push yourself, perfect current skills & try new things. This is a chance to work on advanced Acro skills in a safe environment with trusted instruction.

Pre-requisite skills:

  • Handstand against wall (30 sec)
  • 10 tricep push-ups in a row
  • 25 v-snaps
  • Middle and square right and left splits within 4 inches of the ground
  • Chest stand, forearm stand, shoulder stand, and handstand in centre with straight legs (10 sec each)
  • Handstand walking (6 feet)
  • Front & back walkover (both sides)
  • Able to do flying bridge or rolling tinsica from knees
  • Past experience with side & front aerials*
  • Past experience back handsprings*

*Students do not need to have these skills mastered already but should have at minimum past experience with them and be comfortable to try them with a spotter.


Questions? Feel free to contact me!

Please note that throughout the summer I will still be offering socially distanced outdoor private lessons by request. These are an excellent option if you cannot make the Acro Intensive classes or are not comfortable or ready to work with other students in a group setting as we still navigate Covid-19. For more information on private lessons please click here.