Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about Bend Acrobatic Academy programs.

FAQ #1 – How do I choose which class to sign up for?

Answer: Check out the “classes” page of the website and read the pre-requisite skills listed on each class. If you are uncertain what certain skills are or need guidance send an email to, Mel is happy to assist you in finding the right class. Sometimes students may start in one class and end up switching to another to ensure the best fit. In the end everything always works out. 

FAQ #2 – Should I go by my child’s age or ability level when choosing a class?

Answer: Both age and ability should be considered when choosing a class but ability is more important than age. Ages are given as a guideline and it is common to have an array of ages in an acro class. Safety is key in acro and we do not want students registering for classes too far above their experience level simply because they meet the minimum age. 

FAQ #3 – What should my child wear to class? 

Answer: Students are to come to class dressed in acro appropriate attire such as a bodysuit and shorts, tights, or leggings. A tight fitting t-shirt or tank top and leggings works too. We want to be able to see the students lines and therefore ask students to wear attire that is not overly baggy. There is a lot of flipping and going upside down and we do not want baggy clothing that will move around. All classes are done with bare feet. Long hair is to be worn tied back.

FAQ #4 – Can I register late and have my child join part-way through a term? 

Answer: If a student is at the level of the class and there is room available we can absolutely have them join part-way through term. Fees would be prorated based on when the student starts. The full registration fee of $35 applies no matter when you join.

FAQ #5 – What payment methods are accepted?

Answer: Payments are to be made by e-transfer sent to or mailed by cheque. Please email for the mailing address to send cheques to.

FAQ #6 – If I wish to withdraw from a class, can I get a refund?

Answer: A full refund minus the registration fee can be arranged if you withdraw from your class before the term has started. Prorated refunds are available after the first or second class. There are no refunds beyond the second class of the term. 

Ex. Student does the first two classes of term and decides not to continue, a prorated refund for the term minus the first two classes will be provided. 

FAQ #7 – Can parents/guardians stay and watch classes?

Answer: It depends. Bend Acrobatic Academy rents different spaces for classes and viewing areas depend on the individual spaces. Details about viewing areas for classes will be sent to students prior to the start of term. 

FAQ # 8 – What are your Covid-19 safety measures and what will you do if you have to stop classes? 

Answer: Melanie, who teaches all classes, is fully vaccinated, and encourages all students and parents eligible to also get vaccinated against Covid-19. All public health guidelines will be followed and details will be sent to registered participants as needed regarding mask use, sanitizing, and social distancing. If there is another wave of Covid-19 and classes must stop we will either extend our term to make up for the missed weeks or transition to Zoom classes until we can be back in-person. This decision will be made based on the forecasted length of the closure. A closure of 2-3 weeks can easily be made up by extending term, a closure of 4 weeks or beyond may be made online or a mix of online and an extended term. Fingers crossed for no Covid-19 interruptions!